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Dee Kelly


Dee is a qualified personal trainer and gym Instructor, trained in pre and postnatal exercise and menopause, and a certified nutritionist. Dee has helped many women improve their body confidence, regain a better relationship with nutrition, and has helped them find their fittest selves. Her focus is on improving long-term health through changing habits, behaviour and mindset; leaving women in a better place than where they were before. Dee is extremely passionate about nutrition and women's health, especially in the area of menopause. Her aim is to remove the taboo surrounding this area through education and awareness.

Dee is someone who knows the challenge that can come with balancing work and personal life in pursuit of better health, fitness and wellbeing all too well. She originally worked in the corporate world, climbing her way up the corporate ladder in finance and juggling the high demands that come with it. She has a Business Degree in Hotel & Catering and is a qualified ACCA accountant. She has worked around the world, including Ireland, America & Australia.

Throughout her corporate career, fitness was her hobby; she loved training and taking care of her health and wellbeing. Dee has competed in numerous Triathlons, half marathons, a half Ironman (70.3), and numerous open water swims, including the Dublin Liffey Swim. Following her experiences of working in high-pressure jobs and trying to juggle the demands of training and prioritising her own health, she decided to retrain as a health and fitness coach to help others learn how to effectively do the same. Outside of education, training and coaching, she loves doing jigsaws, grocery shopping in Aldi, cooking, and watching football.

  • Certified Nutritionist, Mac-Nutrition Uni
  • Certified Personal Trainer, ITEC
  • Certified Fitness Instructor, ITEC
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise, National College of Exercise and Health Studies
  • Menopause, Lift the Bar
  • Foundations of General Population Programme Design, Lift the Bar
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