1:1 Bodybuilding & Photoshoot Prep Nutrition & Training Coaching

What is Bodybuilding & Photoshoot Prep Coaching?

Coaching is the process of planning, teaching, monitoring, supporting and providing feedback to someone through their journey to help them reach their goals. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches are trained to know what are the best methods to help you reach your competition or photoshoot goals, and to identify any roadblocks that might be stopping you during this challenging yet rewarding process. This is not a cookie-cutter plan where everyone is put on the exact same path! A successful bodybuilding or photoshoot prep requires maximum individulisation to help make the process as easy as possible for you to complete. Your coach will take your personal experiences, knowledge, situation and goal(s) into account in formulating your plan so that it suits you as much as possible. Your coach will then be with you every step of the way to help ensure you reach your goal of being in your best condition.

Our Proven Coaching Method

Our coaches follow a specific coaching method to help ensure nothing is missed. You will work extremely close to your coach throughout the entire process. Your progress will be constantly monitored and your strategy, plan, and goals frequently reviewed to ensure you reach your physqiue goals in time and look your best.

What's included

  • A nutrition program specific to maximising fat loss and muscle gain/retention for competition
  • A training program specific to developing muscular balance and symmetry
  • Work one-to-one with our experienced physique coaches, Daniel Brack and Amanda Moroney
  • Initial and 3-monthly video/phone meetings to discuss/revise your goals, plans and progress with your coach
  • Weekly check-ins to measure progress and make adjustments as required to prevent plateaus
  • Competition/photoshoot advice for tan and backstage preparation
  • Peaking plans to help you look your best on competition/photoshoot day
  • Personal dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Access to our app
  • Comprehensive Nutrition & Training Information Package that includes tips, educational content and instructions
  • Meal Plan Template with a built-in food database to easily build meals to fit your nutritional targets
  • Unlimited communication with your coach via our app

Nutrition Program Details

  • Tailored nutritional targets to help ensure you are meticulously controlling your diet.
  • Flexible dieting approach to maximise adherence and enjoyment.
  • Adjustments made to ensure you do not plateau and continue to make progress
  • Tailored nutritient timing protocol to maximise training performance and recovery.
  • Supplement recommendations.

Training Program Details

Training Goals

  • Your training program will be tailored to focus on developing weak body parts and strengthening those that are beneficial to your specific category/shape desired.

Training Cycles

  • A new program will be designed for you every 3-5 weeks, depending on the length of your training cycle that your coach determines is necessary to make the progress desired.
  • Training progressions will be based on your performance to help ensure you're making strides towards your goal(s).

Experience Level

Our programs are 100% tailored to you and are, therefore, designed to suit your level of experience; whether that be you're new to competing and photoshoots or a seasoned athlete/model.

Available Facilities and Equipment

We cater for any equipment available to you to help ensure you develop your physique with the best tools you have.

Designed to Suit Your Training Availability As Much As Possible

Competition and photoshoot prep often require a large amount of training at certain points, however, we will help to make it fit into your schedule as much as possible.

No contract - cancel at any time.

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Tailored 1:1 Nutrition & Training Coaching Plan


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Add Tailored Sample Meal Plan

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Who this program is ideal for

This program is ideal for those looking to

Reach pinnacle condition
Develop optimum muscle balance and symmetry
Maximise muscle gain/preservation
Develop weak body parts
Prepare for competition or a photoshoot
Frequently asked questions
How will I be charged?

The program is a subscription, meaning it will be automatically debited from your account every month or every 3 months, depending on the billing cycle selected. However, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time!

Can your programs be completed anywhere in the world?

Yes! All of our programs are conducted entirely via our app and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

I have certain dietary requirements/preferences; can you accommodate these?

Absolutely. With a flexible approach to dieting, it's easy to accommodate dietary requirements and preferences, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.

How is the program tailored to me?

Our aim is to mould the program to you - not to mould you to the program. This is where coaching is different to following generic programs. We get you to complete a comprehensive lifestyle, goals and medical questionnaire to gather as much information as possible about you. Based on these metrics and information, your coach will design your program to suit your body, goals and lifestyle as much as possible. They will then continuously monitor your progress and adjust your program as necessary to help ensure it works for you and you achieve your goals in the most efficient and enjoyable means possible.

How long will it take to receive my program?

After purchasing your program, you'll receive an email to complete your Questionnaire and Service Agreement/Waiver and download our app. Once submitted, your coach will introduce themselves and organise your first consultation to go through your goals and gather final details. They will then have your program ready for you on the app within 7 days.

When should I start a comp/photoshoot prep?

How long you will need to create a competitive and desirable physqiue will depend on two main factors: 1. How much body fat you currently have, and 2. Whether you need to develop the amount of muscle necessary to be competitve. 20 weeks is typically required for most to lose enough body fat to be competitive or to achieve their ideal physique. If you're unsure how long you need, send us a message or email and we'd be more than happy to assess your physique and tell you how long we think you would need!