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Become Your Healthiest With 1:1 Coaching

Being fit and healthy has become more challenging than ever in our modern world. The abundance of processed foods, sedentary lifestyles, poor sleep habits, and high-stress environments have caused us to have low energy levels and moods, be unproductive, and have poor fitness and physical and mental health. But the good news is that we also have the best opportunity we’ve ever had to be our fittest and healthiest!

Exercise is one of the most powerful forms of medicine for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, such as type I and II diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, anxiety, dementia, Parkinson’s, and even cancer. Living an active lifestyle can greatly improve energy, concentration, productivity, immune function, and mood, and reduce stress levels. The key to living a fit and healthy lifestyle is having a plan that fits within your lifestyle and schedule and is enjoyable.

This 1:1 Health & Fitness Training Coaching Program is tailored to suit your schedule and the style of training that you enjoy, while ensuring you improve your fitness, strength, and mobility. This program will help you make exercising an enjoyable part of your life so that you can be your healthiest and happiest.

Our Proven Coaching Method

We've helped over 5,000 people transform their bodies and have developed a proven method to get you results. Our 6-step coaching method provides you with the right plan, support, accountability, and feedback you need to reach your goals. Your coach will constantly monitor your progress and be there with you every step of the way to ensure you are successful.

What's included

  • A training program specific to improving your fitness and/or general health
  • Work one-to-one with a dedicated coach
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach to assess progress and make adjustments as necessary
  • Monthly training performance reviews to assess your progress and continuously adapt your training to your body
  • A formal review every 3 months to revise your goals, strategy, and plan
  • Access to our app
  • Comprehensive Information Package that includes tips, educational content and instructions
  • Unlimited communication with your coach via our app

Training Program Details

Training Cycles

  • A new program will be designed for you every month.
  • Your program will be constantly adapted to keep it challenging as you get stronger and fitter.

Experience Level

  • Our programs are 100% tailored to you and are, therefore, designed to suit your level of experience; whether that be you're new to training or a seasoned athlete.

Available Facilities and Equipment

  • We cater for any facilities or equipment that may be available to you. If you don't have access to a commercial gym, we will design your program to suit what is available to you - this may include home workouts with limited equipment.
  • We will gather all facility and equipment availability via a comprehensive questionnaire.

Designed to Suit Your Training Availability

  • Your program will be designed to suit how many days you can commit to training, whether that be as few as 3 days per week or as every day of the week.
  • We will recommend how many days we feel are required and appropriate based on your training history and schedule.

All Provided On Our Custom App

  • View and record all of your workouts directly on the app.
  • View video demonstrations and instructions for every exercise.
  • Easily determine predicted exercise values, such as 1RM.
  • Easily view previous exercise personal bests and other metrics.

No contract - cancel at any time.

166149 per month

Tailored 1:1 Training Coaching Plan


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Who this program is ideal for

This program is ideal for those looking to

Improve their physical performance
Improve their general health
Improve their lifestyle
Exercise for enjoyment
Help prevent injuries
Frequently asked questions
How will I be charged?

The program is a subscription, meaning it will be automatically debited from your account every month or every 3 months, depending on the billing cycle selected. However, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time!

Can your programs be completed anywhere in the world?

Yes! All of our programs are conducted entirely via our app and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to receive my program?

After purchasing your program, you'll receive an email to complete your Questionnaire and Service Agreement/Waiver and download our app. Once these documents are returned, your coach will be in contact to introduce themselves and will have your program designed and ready for you on the app within 7 days.

Do I have to train a certain number of times per week?

No. Your coach will design your program to suit your training availability as much as possible; whether that's only 2 times per week or twice per day!

How is the program tailored to me?

Our aim is to mould the program to you - not to mould you to the program. This is where coaching is different to following generic programs. We get you to complete a comprehensive lifestyle, goals and medical questionnaire to gather as much information as possible about you. Based on these metrics and information, your coach will design your program to suit your body, goals and lifestyle as much as possible. They will then continuously monitor your progress and adjust your program as necessary to help ensure it works for you and you achieve your goals in the most efficient and enjoyable means possible.

I'm very short on time - will my workouts take long?

We will design your training program to accommodate your schedule and time constraints as best as possible. Most workouts can be completed in under 45 minutes - some can even be as short as 20 mins!