How To Make Losing Fat As Easy As Brushing Your Teeth

To lose body fat, you need to control how many calories you consume. Being active and exercising also helps a lot by increasing how many calories you burn. So, all you have to do to lose body and keep it off is eat well and be physically active… Sounds easy, right? Well, it actually is that easy and millions of people are excellent at eating well and exercising… for about two weeks. The hard part is being consistent with it, but that’s also where the silver lining lies; if you can become consistent with eating well and being active, then it becomes increasingly easier to do and soon enough, it becomes a habit that is automatic and doesn’t require much energy – like brushing your teeth!

Starting Isn't The Hard Part

Starting to eat well and exercise isn't the hard part for most people. That’s because when you first start your journey of eating better and being more active, you're excited about the change. You’re pumped up, can’t wait to train, and excited about eating your next healthy meal. Sure, it's a lot of work and requires a lot of effort, but because you're so motivated, the first few days (and even weeks) don't feel too hard - they even feel fun! But not too long after you start, the novelty wears off, other things get in the way, and before you know it, training and eating well consistently starts to feel impossible. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME TO PUT IN AS MUCH EFFORT AS POSSIBLE!

Your Brain Is Changing

In the first few days of training and eating well, your brain is building new neural connections for that behaviour. In the weeks and months afterwards, it's making those connections stronger and stronger and pruning back the old ones. As these neural connections get stronger, the new behaviour becomes a HABIT. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes your default behaviour. Once it becomes your default behaviour, it's harder NOT to do it than it is to do it. This is they key to being consistent with training and eating well.

Don't Stop Now - You're So Close!

The first few weeks and months are make or break for you. It's when you will need to put in the most amount of effort with your training and diet - even if you're loving it. This is why having a coach provide you with support and accountability can greatly increase your chances of success – they provide accountability and feedback to help you become consistent with your new habits. It’s easy (and normal!) to want to throw in the towel and give up in the first few weeks and months of starting something new, but stay the course - soon it will become as easy as brushing your teeth 🪥

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Set Yourself Up For Success

Breaking years - even decades - of bad habits will take time and effort. Your brain has literally been wired NOT to do the things you need to. To successfully break the cycle, you need to rewire your brain. This requires a well thought out plan that fits your body and lifestyle, as well as accountability, feedback, and support. Our fat loss coaches are trained to identify what are the roadblocks stopping you from losing body fat and how to remove them, so that you can get into your best shape and stay there for life! Find the best program for you

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