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Daniel Brack

BSc., Pn1, CFT, SEN

Originally trained as a commercial pilot for the Australian airline QantasLink, Danel fell in love with his Human Biology classes whilst completing his Bachelor of Aviation degree in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating as a fully qualified airline-trained pilot, he switched careers to pursue his true passion for health and fitness. He has now been a coach for just short of a decade. He is the founder of Recalibrated Bodies as well as the co-founder and Head Coach of Titan Fitness Algarve. Daniel has a Bachelor of Science in Strength and Conditioning and is a certified personal trainer and sports and exercise nutritionist,

Daniel takes a holistic approach to improve people's physique and performance. He focuses heavily on both the physical and psychological development of his clients to not only provide programs that force the body to adapt (e.g., lose body fat, improve fitness, build muscle, etc.), but also help them build habits and mindsets that facilitate the changes in their lifestyle, motivation and effort necessary to reach their goals. He has worked with a wide range of clients from those wanting to look and feel better in themselves, right through to bodybuilders, fitness models, and amateur to semi-professional athletes in sports including endurance, combat, soccer/football, rugby, GAA, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting and many others.

Daniel isn't someone who is only obsessed with helping others improve their physique and performance; he himself loves the process of living a fit and healthy lifestyle and constantly improving himself. Daniel is an ex-Rugby player, surfer and bodybuilder who has competed at national and international levels as a Men's Physique competitor with the IFBB. He was Ireland's national champion for two consecutive years, having won his category in 2015 and overalls in 2016, and placed within the top 10 at the European Championships in 2017. Daniel has been trained in:

• Strength, conditioning and nutrition for sports performance

• Advanced training and nutrition for muscle hypertrophy

• Sports and exercise psychology

• Strength and conditioning for tactical athletes (military, first responders, etc.)

• Functional movement screening and corrective exercise program design

• Endurance development

• Speed development

• Human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics

• Long-term athletic development

• Fitness testing

• Olympic weightlifting

• Coaching skills

• Training and nutrition for injuries and rehabilitation

• Training and nutrition for special populations (elderly, disabled, extreme weather, etc.)

• Strength and conditioning for youth

• Training and nutrition for health and wellness

  • Bachelor of Science in Strength & Conditioning, Setanta College
  • Certified Fitness Trainer, International Sports Science Association
  • Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition, Precision Nutrition
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, The Health Sciences Academy

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