How Simply Eating Healthier & Exercising Wasn't Enough For Grainne To Get Lean

Although Grainne tried to improve her diet by eating healthier foods and exercising, she wasn't losing as much body fat as she was hoping for šŸ‘Ž We see this all the time. Clients will come to us after months - sometimes even years - frustrated and tired of spinning their wheels with their diet and training, thinking they're doing everything right but getting nowhere fast.

The problem with just eating healthily is that you can still consume a lot of calories eating healthy foods! Ever seen how many calories are in a handful of nuts? šŸ˜

Eating healthier foods is a great start and can work wonders for many, but just eating healthier often isn't enough to get lean - you have to be mindful of what AND how much you're eating.

Grainne started 1:1 Fat Loss Nutrition & Training Coaching with me and we got straight to work. We focused on:

āœ… Improving her nutritional knowledge and awareness of what and how much she was actually eating

āœ… Becoming much more in tune with her body's hunger cues

āœ… Improving her behaviours and habits

āœ… Becoming consistent with her training

And, well, the proof is in the photos - she absolutely killed it!

The best part of Grainne's transformation? She maintained her new body for years later šŸŽ‰

How did achieve all of that?

āœ… Having her nutrition & training plan tailored to her

āœ… Accountability

āœ… Support

āœ… Patience

āœ… Persistence

Fat loss is no easy task these days

There is a lot of misinformation online, a lot of food temptation around us, an abundance of tasty, very appealing calorie-dense foods, higher levels of stress, poor sleep habits, and a lot of challenges to eat well and be consistent with exercising - just to name a few! It's becoming more and more difficult to manage our body weight, health and fitness, which means having a plan that is tailored to you and someone to support you and keep you accountable is becoming more important than ever.

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Daniel Brack

BSc., Pn1, CFT, SEN

From commercial pilot to fitness coach, Daniel changed careers to pursue his passion for health & fitness. He is the founder of Recalibrated Bodies and co-founder and Head Coach of Titan Fitness Algarve. He has a Bachelor of Science in Strength and Conditioning and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Sports and Exercise Nutritionist. Daniel was an international IFBB men's physique competitor and is a father to two daughters. His passion is helping others become more educated and skilled to reach their health and fitness goals.

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